It’s no secret that I love to set a fancy table, but sometimes it can be a lot of work. My most dreaded moment is when the reality sinks in that the party is over and now I have to clean up. I often run a mental checklist while I’m setting the table of what needs to be hand washed and what can go in the dishwasher. I aim to have more dishwasher safe items when I’m hosting because I hate washing dishes, especially when I am hosting larger parties.

Table linens are another thing to consider. I recently washed and dried some new napkins only to discover that they were indeed dry clean only – oops! I definitely prefer more low maintenance pieces, so paper items are a fantastic option. I love mixing them with cloth napkins or tablecloths to keep it from looking too much like a kid’s birthday party. Simply toss them in the recycle bin when you are finished using them. It doesn’t get much easier!

Lucy Grymes has an amazing selection of paper goods and you can get 15% off when you use code TIPSY15. Get your paper party on! Cheers!

Tablecloth// Placemats (gifted)// Napkins -one of a kind and made by my mom 🙂 // Salad Plate// Dinner Plate// Teal Glasses (old)// Water Glasses// Flatware

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