Ex’s and Oh’s

I love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s all the bright colors, candy, and celebrating the people I love. It’s also a great holiday to set a table that’s a little bit cheeky. These placemats I made from Alexander Henry’s Valentine Hunk fabric are exactly that! This table is meant to be fun, so I think it would be perfect for hosting a Valentine’s Day brunch with girlfriends.

The placemats are quite playful, so I wanted to use colorful glassware, plates, and accessories to complement them. You already know my love for my Zafferano Perle glasses, so naturally they serve as the water glasses for this table. The red bistro glasses are another easy go-to for water, wine, or mimosas in this case. I own them in several colors because they’re dishwasher safe and easy on the wallet. The napkins are another major steal. I love using bandanas for napkins because they are usually pretty cost friendly. It’s an easy way to try out a look without making a huge investment.

I filled in the table with some Kalanchoe plants purchased from the grocery store. They add a nice touch of green and would be perfect to send home with your guests at the end of brunch. Candles and votives of various shapes and heights were the final touch. I love how candles add a glow to the table. These candle holders are such a great buy and can be used for casual or more formal tables. Just swap out different colors of tapered candles and I promise you will use them over and over. Glassybaby votives are another one of my go-tos. They’re available in every color you can imagine and a part of every sale goes to charity. How great is that?

I hope this table inspires you to serve up your own Valentine’s Day brunch this year. Cheers!

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